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The official founding date of the SAPBA is documented as 19 March 1989. It developed out of the amalgamation of three existing associations with specific mandates, viz.:

  • The Maize Breeder’s Association, which was founded in 1974 as an initiative of the Summer Grain Centre, Potchefstroom (currently ARC-Grain Crops Institute), with the main aim of sharing information regarding maize breeding technology, but this was later extended also to include other grain and oilseed crops. These symposia were held biennially alternating between Cedara and Potchefstroom;
  • The Southern African Plant Breeders’ Association, which was an association of all private plant breeders in South Africa, and which met at regular intervals to share information regarding progress with breeding methodology and strategy;
  • FX Laubscher Symposia, an initiative of the Department of Genetics, University of Stellenbosch, held in honour of the revered Professor of Genetics, FX Laubscher. These symposia served as academic fora to debate the latest advances in the fields of all genetic disciplines (quantitative genetics and cytology), all crops, animals, aquaculture, Drosophila related research, human genetics and cytogenetics.

Due to the fact that the new Southern African Plant Breeders’ Association (SAPBA) developed from three separate organizations, it had to redefine itself and compile a new constitution, codes of conduct regarding its finances, membership, etc. The SAPBA initially functioned under the umbrella of the South African Crop Production Society (from 1992-1994) until it could function as an independent Association in 1996. Due to lapse in time from the original founding of the SAPBA in 1989, and the ultimate independence in 1996 certain venues, Presidents and honorary members were initially omitted, but now form part of the actual chronology of this organization.

*Complied by Prof Klaus W Pakendorf, Stellenbosch, December 2011

President of the SAPBA and Venues for Symposia

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The 2020 to 2024 Executive Committee

Lucky Makome
Lucky MakomePresident
Bernard Welman
Bernard WelmanVice President
Dr Zelda Bijzet
Dr Zelda BijzetTreasurer
Toinette van Rooyen
Toinette van RooyenWebmaster
Dr Marike Visser
Dr Marike VisserSecretary
Erica Prince
Erica PrinceAdditional member
 Dr Angie van Biljon
Dr Angie van Biljon Additional member

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