Conference 2014


The 10th Southern African Plant Breeding Symposium was held at the Black Mountain Leisure & Conference Hotel, The Maria Moroka Nature Reserve, Thaba ‘Nchu, Eastern Free State. Some of the topics included disease resistance breeding in tomato, forest genetics, tree breeding, application of molecular breeding and next generation genomics in breeding programmes, maize necrotic virus breeding and biofortification of staple food crops in Africa. Also included was a bioinformatics workshop/session.

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Symposium Booklet

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Invited speakers

John Scott - USA (Download CV - pdf 6k)
Fikret Isik - USA (Download CV - pdf 45k)
Manjit Kang - USA (Download CV - pdf 96k)
Aart Louw - RSA (Download CV - pdf 65k)
Jerald (Snook) Pataky - USA (Download CV - pdf 7k)
Jasper Rees - RSA (Download CV - pdf 110k)
John Taylor - RSA (Download CV - pdf 63k)
Pegadaraju Venkatramana - USA (Download CV - pdf 6k)
Anne Wangai - Kenya

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